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    Brand new to forum and this is my first post. I'm not tech savy individual and am a fairly new iPad user. I've used my wife's iPad for games and to surf the web but that is about it. (I joke it is the most expensive deck of card I;ve ever bought). I'm considering replacing my employer provided laptop with an iPad for travel. I'll still keep my laptop for desk work and work in specific programs that I use in my office. I travel about 3 weeks a month and am tired of carrying around a 17" Lenovo and all of the accessories. My employer supports iPad to a degree. I can access our email server by using MobileIron and can load my personal accounts without a problem. About all I use my laptop for when I travel is email. I see advantages to having an iPad at my disposal. I had my wife's a couple of weeks ago when my laptop crashed and was back at the factory for repair. I liked using it and a few ideas as to how I could use it came to mind. Here is what I would like to do.

    The company I work for is an OEM of electronic components in several catagories. Some of which are connectors, wire & cable, adapters, hest shrink tubing, molded parts etc. The company supports all of these products through brochures which are in PDF form, power point presentations, word documents, excel spread sheets, photographs, youtube videos, catalogs, etc.

    What I would like to do is set up folders similar to what I currently have on my laptop. I know I will have to load everything on my iPad but that should not be an issue if somene can provide instructions on how to interface an iPad with a PC. Here is what I would like to set up:

    A folder with all my work related documents. Lets call is WORK.
    When I click WORK, I'd see all of the subcatagories of products we offer. So lets say I'd see something along these lines:
    and so on

    When I click on say WIRE & CABLE, I would want to see all of the supporting documentation I had previously loaded for that subject to present to my audiance. Is something like this possible? I've probably got in excess of 300 files that would fit in the various subcatagories. Is there an app that would assist with this?

    Another thing I would like to do is take notes and photographs at meetings with the iPad and then file them by customer name. So I would have a folder for customer ABC and each time I had contact with them I could save the notes to their folder. When I visited again or they contacted me, I could easily see what they had contacted me about previously and historically what products they showed interest in. It would be nice if within those notes items that required further action could be flagged and notify me automatically at a later date. I have well in excess of 2000 accounts. I may have contact with some of them once a year and others on a daily basis so it is almost impossible for me to remember what activity previously took place at the account if I don't interface with them often. Right now I rely on email but with all of the chains and subject changes it can become difficult to keep track of and customers seem nuch more at ease when you break out an iPad as opposed to a laptop. When the laptop comes out, you can see it in their eyes "oh no, not another power point". With the addition of a wireless subscription, I could access our public domain website as well where tons of information is stored. If I needed something from one of our servers, I could get one of our admins to email it to me in the form of an attachment and forward to the customer. I really don't see a down side but wanted to run this by some with more experience working with an iPad in this fashion. Can those of you who use an iPad to operate like this or some way similar please provide feedback on my thoughts on how to set this up and also give me pointers on how you manage your accounts with an iPad. One of the first accessories would be an external keyboard. I did notice the first time I tried to type notes and keep a comversation going with my customer, it was a bit difficult but I'm sure that I can get used to that. Thanks for letting me rant and I look forward to your feedback.

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    For filing, I use Goodreader. I sync it with a network attached drive. Dropbox "cloud" is an alternate way and it looks like a drive on your laptop.
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    Hi and welcome to the Forum!

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