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    I purchased my iPad the first day it was available last year and have often found that 'sync' takes many hours (e.g. 20+). Now I am trying to update to IOS5, and the system starts the Backup and after 18hrs nothing else has happened. As I have the 64GB model I loaded it up with pics, music and lots of Apps (over 120 Apps, many of which are newspapers, news readers or maps). Now I've removed all my pics and music, with no improvement. I've removed about 25% of the Apps that I no longer use, with no improvement. My iPad now shows it has about 20GB in its memory. I use it with a Win 7 laptop with about 30GB extra space on the HD.

    Looking around for suggestions on the web, I see this can be related to problematic Apps. (I've tried various cables and USB ports.) I've seen a procedure for looking at the Backup files, opening them in a Text Editor, to find which Apps it is hung up on. Trying this I couldn't find a text editor that would work.

    1) Does anyone know where I can find a list of which Apps cause iPad Backup to stall? (I could list my Apps but this is a big job.)
    2) Does anyone have a suggestion of what Text Editor to use to open the Backup file?
    3) If I delete an App from my iPad that I have previously purchased (and have transferred to iTunes), can I reload it on the iPad or is it lost for good?

    This is very frustrating! Thanks for any ideas. Mike
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