iPad Sales Total 225 Million Units Since Launch in 2010

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    At the most recent earnings call, it was disclosed that sales of the iPad were down for the second straight quarter in a row, as Apple sold a total of 13.3 million iPads, down from 14.6 million in the year-ago quarter. However, there were some interesting things shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook, who sees enterprise users driving sales for the iPad.

    During it's earnings call from last week, Apple also shared overall sales since the iPad launched a little over four years ago. iPad sales have totaled 225 million units since 2010, with the current iPad Air and iPad mini being the most successful models yet, having hit 98% and 100% customer satisfaction.

    It's already known that the iPad is the most sold tablet ever, and now we see that Apple has managed the impressive feat of selling almost a quarter of a billion. We wonder if Apple can reach half a billion in the following 4 yeas, with the increasing pressure coming from cheap Android counterparts.

    But if recent market studies are anything to go by, it seems that more than half of customers who are planning to buy a tablet are looking at the iPad as their first option. Education is another field where Apple could see increasing sales, as the tablet now holds an 85% share of the U.S. education market. I

    While the iPad is allegedly reaching saturation in developed markets, it is experiencing significant growth in new markets, such as China or Middle East.

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