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    We are working on webapp and we've run into a few quirks with the way our app runs in Safari on an iPad 3.

    First, there's a delay between when you press something clickable and the time the onclick event is triggered. There's a link about the issue here:
    (Well, I'm apparently not allowed to post links yet, but you can see it by Googling this: Remove onClick delay on webkit for iPhone)

    Instead of doing that workaround with the touchStart/touchEnd events, I wondered if there wasn't just a way to remove the delay. Is there a configuration file or something that I can edit that would change this behavior?

    Second, when a textbox gets focus, two little "Previous"/"Next" buttons show up at the bottom of the screen. They would normally show up at the top of the electronic keyboard, but we are using a bluetooth keyboard so the electronic keyboard isn't there. And for our application, the previous/next buttons don't make sense and shouldn't be there either. I don't have high hopes for this being possible, but does anyone know of a way to disable the little previous/next buttons on textbox focus?

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