iPad on sale via eBay for $21 million

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    Oh Boy!

    Pre-orders for the much-hyped Apple iPad just started on Friday but that isn't stopping eBay sellers from trying to make a pretty penny off the tablet before it officially ships on April 3rd.

    There are currently 442 iPads up for sale, with a range of prices, most with a heavy premium.

    The most ridiculous comes from a "top rated seller" with the moniker egiftscentral_123, who is selling a Wi-Fi/16GB model for $21 million USD, and even then is audacious enough to charge $14.42 for shipping.

    Users that will ship internationally seem to be the only ones receiving true bids, as the iPad is set to go on sale in only 10 countries next month.

    View the auction here: eBay $21 million iPad

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