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Discussion in 'iPad Mini Forum' started by Avarus Brightfyre, Jan 30, 2015.

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    Jan 30, 2015
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    I'm planning on purchasing an iPad mini for use as an Electronic Flight Bag and I was wondering about OS support over the next few years. I bought an original iPad to try and be cheap about getting the app I need (which requires IOS 8), but was rudely awakened to the fact that IOS 6 is the maximum OS for that device. I've decided to try and get a used iPad mini (smaller size is better in the cockpit), and the sole purpose of this tablet will be the use of the aviation app I need in the cockpit. My primary concern at this point is making sure the tablet I buy will last me at least a few years before Apple decides to block it off from OS upgrades.

    So, since I don't know much about the timeline with IOS support, does anyone have any input on this subject? I can get a used iPad mini 1 for $150 on Amazon, but I guess I'll pay the $220 or so for a used iPad mini 2 if the original mini is going to be phased out in the next year or so. However, if I can save $70 on the tablet it'll really help with purchasing a few of the other things I need for my flight training. It's all about maximizing my limited budget.

    Thanks for any input!
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    The iPad Mini 2 should be good for at least two more years. It's got the same internals as the iPad Air, and I expect to be able to keep mine for that long, if something new doesn't tempt me before then.

    That is a guess. No one outside Apple knows what their actual plans are, and there's a good chance even they don't know for certain what models wills till be supported two years out.

    Hold in mind that the iPad 2 and Mini 1 are still supported, but you can see their end of support coming up quickly. They are already at the limit of what the hardware can do with the newest iOS version. I was very surprised when Apple had an iOS upgrade for them this year. I'll be astonished if they get iOS 9.

    There is no compelling reason to go with the iPad Mini 3. Other than the fingerprint sensor it's got the same internals as the iPad Mini 2.
  3. Brian 244

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    Oct 20, 2014
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    While I can't say for sure but I have a feeling that the iPads from iPad 2 onward will be supported for at least a couple of years yet. iOS 9 is rumoured to be focusing on stabilization , while the iPad 2 (which is the same internals as the 1st gen mini) is the most common version of iPad being used.
    There are also rumours in the education sector that apple agreed to support the iPad 2 for 10 years (I know, hard to believe) due to the sheer number of them being rolled out to the schools back in 2011-12.

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