IPad keeps changing webpages and apps without my touching the device

Discussion in 'iPad 4 Forum' started by Langtoon, Sep 15, 2013.

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    Sep 15, 2013
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    I have an IPad Retina for about 5 months. Recently it has developed two faults -

    1) When using the touchscreen keypad some letters keep repeating themselves or spaces, fullstops, and capitals are put in without my typing those keys. This slows down enormously the task as I keep having to go back to change the wording. Also a nightmare when typing in passwords as the letters or numbers I type are not necessarily what appears.

    2) Every now and again the IPad takes on a life of it's own and without my touching it, it changes rapidly from page to page within a site or jumps rapidly from app to app. I can lay it down and watch it scrolling through app after app unaided.

    I am typing this on my laptop as I do it I can see the IPad lying three feet away from me jumping from email to Google Earth to TuneinRadio, all without my touching it.

    I have taken it back twice to the local Apple store and, for some reason, they are unable to replicate the fault in-store. The IPad seems to work normally. As soon as I'm out the store the fault arises again. Its very frustrating that they can't see the problem first hand. Has anyone come across this problem or steer me in the right direction so that I can try again with the Apple Store staff?

    Thanks for any assistance or advise that can be offered.
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    Can you take it right now to the Apple store (or as soon as it opens)? They can then see what it's doing now. Just don't do anything to it (cause its behaving badly right now - don't change anything).

    Or, can you video-tape what it's doing now? That way, the folk at the Apple store can see what it's doing.

    Cause it sounds as if you have something wrong with the iPad, that's for sure. It obviously shouldn't be doing what you describe.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.


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