iPad fever strikes bear in San Bernardino, California

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    Be forewarned, there is some PG-13 language in this video above.

    If thieves in New York prefer stealing Apple gadgets, it seems that wild beasts aren’t immune to the Cupertino charm either. A fuzzy incident involving a fisherman, his backpack and an uninvited four legged guest was reported this week in Jenks Lake, San Bernardino, California.
    A fisherman was just minding his own business on the river banks, when a cinnamon-colored bear graciously stepped out of the forest and grabbed his backpack. Apparently the animal was drawn to the granola bar inside the bag. But ironically the backpack contained a surprise: an iPad.

    Jesse Dinkel, a 44-year old theatre producer from Yucaipa, California was there and saw everything. What’s more, he captured the bear on tape when he came down the hill for the second time. The fisherman reluctantly tried following the bear in order to get his tablet back...
    “He didn’t get real close. But he kind of followed it to see if it would drop his backpack. The bear went all the way down the hill, don’t know what happened to it after that,†said Dinkle.

    Fellow fishermen made fun of the estranged owner wishing him good luck with the insurance company. Strangely enough fuzzy encounters are quite rare in these parts but people enjoying a quiet day at the lake couldn’t help but remark how people friendly the beer seemed to be. He didn’t mind humans being around at all. Even if they tried scaring him with loud noises and whistles.

    “I go fishing all the time. It’s the first time I’ve seen bears, but I’ve had friends that have seen them at Jenks Lake before. But not this close. The bear wasn’t afraid. Everyone was yelling at it and it just kept walking closer.â€

    Until now the iPad hasn’t been recovered, regardless of the fact that the tablet has a built in tracking system. Apparently the forest is just too deep.

    In the end, even though it seemed unlikely he would ever get his iPad back, Dinkel had a good attitude about the situation. He laughed, “It was absurd almost. Because when the bear first came to get the backpack with the iPad, just seeing the bear go by me with a backpack in its mouth, it looked like it was to going to school."

    By Radu

    Bear Steals Fisherman’s iPad - ABC News
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    Oh come on he just wanted to watch Yogi Bear episodes on the iPad :)

    Of course I'd hate to be near him when he finds out there is no more Google Maps and Youtube App :p

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