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    Hi everybody,

    I am a teacher, and my school will soon be switching to iPads. As a result, many of the features on my class blog will no longer function without some kind of alternative or workaround.

    Currently, I use Grooveshark.com to embed a music player onto the blog. (I call it the Literary Jukebox, and it features songs relating to themes of the literature the students read.) Since the Grooveshark player widget uses both Flash and Java, my students are out of luck when it comes to seeing/hearing it on the iPad.

    I am wondering if anyone knows iPad-friendly music streaming alternatives that would allow me to embed a music player in my blog, preferably for free. I like podsnack, but I don't like the premium price of $15 per month. If I can resolve this issue, I and my students will be very happy.

    Thanks for any help or info you could offer!
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