iPad, Cloud Based Working & Dumping Laptop - possible?

Discussion in 'iPad for Business and Education' started by golin63, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Aug 22, 2012
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    Howdy All!

    Thanks for your time. The CRM I use is a MAC CRM, Daylite, that would need a host, which is currently my MAC Book Pro. I have a small two person consulting firm. I would LOVE to get rid of our laptops and go 100% iPad, but have no clue if thats realistic.

    Our needs are a CRM (noted above), a fair amount of data storage (I assume Drop Box, although a sync type of Cloud would be better), Word and Excel docs, the ability to convert docs to PDF's and the ability to print. The big question is my CRM, lots of data in there. Is there even such a thing as a remote MAC desktop, Cloud based MAC OSX, where I could load my my CRM on that and just have my iPad Daylite interface? Ideas on the other needs? Or has the tech just not reason to allow for true iPad only computing? Would love any thoughts and resources.

    Many thanks!

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