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Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by JWHBurns, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Forum Members,

    I am in desperate need of your expertise and knowledge! (Again).

    In my last post, a few months ago, I've mentioned that I work for a flat roofing company. Well, a new challenge has arrived.

    I'm currently looking for an iPad app which can alter PDF's / Pictures. Here's the background;

    An engineer will visit site. They would have already been sent a pdf of the roof plan, or the client would present them with a roof plan in which the engineer takes of a photo of it (on the ipad). The engineer then does his required testing and marks on the roof plan (on the ipad) any areas for concern such as defects, missing insulation, ponding water etc with appropriate symbols/colours/lines.

    I'm wondering if there is an iPad app which has the functionality to do this? Ideally the perfect solution would guarantee engineers pdf roof plans before they visit site, but this generally isn't the case. It would also be of great benefit, if there is an app out there, where you could 'design' your own 'symbols' which can be easily inserted onto a pdf or image - I.E. When the engineer is marking on the roof plan any causes for concern etc.

    Clear as mud? :s

    Cheers now,

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    There are quite a few PDF annotation apps out there. Everyone has their favorites. I like PDF Expert and GoodReader. In my opinion GoodReader is probably the better tool for this. I think it handles oversized PDF files a bit better.

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