Man Uses his iPod touch and MobileMe to Find Lost iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 21, 2010.

By Maura on Sep 21, 2010 at 3:39 PM
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    It's a bit of a nightmare scenario for the iPad owner. You're disembarking from an airplane with your wife and baby, accidentally leaving your iPad on the plane in all the kerfuffle, and you don't realise that it's gone until it's way too late and the plane has disappeared, taking your iPad with it. In a story on CNET's Apple blog today, Curtis Cogdill explains how this very thing happened to him on a flight from Sacramento, Calif., to Portland, Ore., and how he then managed to trace the iPad using the Find My iPhone MobileMe app on his iPod touch. It turned out that the iPad had taken a plane ride to Orlando, Fla., and Cogdill was actually able to view his iPad's position on a plane on the tarmac at the airport in Orlando, and then see as the iPad left the plane and stopped at a nearby house! Police and a Southwest official then went and retrieved the Cogdill's iPad from an airline employee, so all's well that end's well!

    Source: CNET


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 21, 2010.

    1. wdpower
      Aren't all electronics supposed to be turned off on a plane?
    2. Tinman
      That is an awesome story!

      As far as "supposed to be turned off" .... you can turn stuff on once you land. He certainly wasn't around to turn it back off. Or he may have forgotten. Who cares that is not what the story is about.

      Video here:
      Video - Breaking News Videos from

    3. henry2
      i mean i know when i have the unit out and when i pack it away in the travel bag for carrying it off the bus or the car or the plane at the airport i have in my hands carryon and my ipad travel bag ..

      so iam pretty sure where it at all time when i travel
    4. Gabi
      Great story indeed.
    5. Digikid
      No not really. They are allowed to be on if you use "Airplane Mode" or if you do not have that feature you just turn off the wireless WLAN and Cellular radio which is the same as Airplane Mode.

      It is not the device itself that can cause electronic interfenece with the plane....just the radios inside of it.
    6. henry2
      i hate to be the one who burst your bubble.about of myth . mythbuster did a show on the socalled cellphones and other electronics devices did not interfere with plane electronics when in flight ..
    7. Tinman
      If it was really that much of a concern.... do you think they would rely on the HONOR SYSTEM? I would imagine there are at least a dozen cell phones left on, even just by accident, on every full flight.

      But why that was even brought up about this story is beyond me. It's like finding out a child was just saved from a kidnapping because someone responded to an Ambur alert via text and the first reply is: but aren't you supposed to not text when driving? ;)

    8. Digikid
      I am not sure if you were talking to me or not but I never believed in it either. Just saying that if it were would be the radios.

      With all due respect to the crew of the so called "Mythbusters"...sorry but I would never put faith in a TV Show. Anything is possible.

      It is still awesome that this guy got his iPad back. Let it be a lesson to both of them though to be more careful.
    9. andykrenator
      i had a similar situation which happened to me, my iphone was stolen and since i had mi IPad synced with mobile me account i could trace the iphone and eventlauuly got the thief and he handed over.
      Juast like they say in the movies!!!

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