iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter, could have iPad mini design specs

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 25, 2012.

By RaduTyrsina on Dec 25, 2012 at 3:31 AM
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    Apple just launched two months ago the iPad mini and the full sized iPad 4, but that doesn’t mean that rumors prophesying the birth of the fifth generation tablet haven’t started yet. According to a new bundle that just emerged, the iPad 5 is headed for an early 2013 launch, despite its predecessor being so freshly squeezed. Macotakara was the website who revealed the information citing the usual bunch of shady insider sources that seem to claim Apple has scheduled the unveiling of the next generation iPad in March.

    They also added some interesting details about how the new device is going to look like. Apparently, it will feature a lighter and thinner frame and will borrow some details from the iPad Mini design. The sources were very specific concerning the dimensions of the upcoming tablet. Apparently, it is going to have 4mm in height, 17 mm in width and 2mm in depth.
    Here’s some of the original report courtesy of Google Translate:

    ““Chinese CBSi ZOL is, the report of AppleInsider, but not touching only iPad mini next, according to informed sources, and seems to have a plan announced in March 2013 (5th generation) iPad otherwise tells. In order to counter the Nexus 7 and Surface, it seems there is a possibility that the product release cycle faster.â€

    Macotakara has made a lot of accurate predictions so far concerning Apple. Plus, we have to consider the fact that Apple usually unleashes its tablets in spring. Also, back in November, DigiTimes reported that a new iPad might be released somewhere in the middle of 2013. Could these rumors actually be true?

    Source: 9to5Mac


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 25, 2012.

    1. s2mikey
      Actually, storage is a fairly big issue for people from what I read and hear. The key is that it costs a good buck to get lots of storage as evident by the up charge between iPad models going from 32gb to 64gb.

      How cool would a 256gb iPad be? :D
    2. zstairlessone
      And a lot will be hesitant to buy now if they know an upgraded model will be out in a short while hurting sales
    3. Bennettb
      I will be needing that to keep all the pictures of my family year after year.
    4. scifan57
      In order to have a thinner, lighter iPad, there would have to be an advance in battery technology that enabled smaller batteries to hold enough power to run the iPad 5 for the same 10 hour battery life.
    5. tlbaker
      It would cost a fortune.... I might as well get a new laptop with the $$$. I had a discussion about this concerning the iPod touch with an apple employee one day and he said the same thing and that it probably wouldn't happen. Then again, we won't know until it hits the stores lol.

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    6. tlbaker
      I agree with you. I bought this pad just before thanksgiving and now another new one in 3 months!!! The all black ipad would have been cool, too!! It seems that the gap between upgrades is getting smaller and smaller, 5 months after 4 there will be a 5??? All of these new releases are to keep us spending our $$$ and to attract new customers. They knew what they were doing, they could have designed the mini w retina display the first time. They are Apple, they can do anything they want!!!

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    7. tlbaker
      Is the 4G really that super fast? I haven't tried it yet as my 4 is wifi only and I tether w 3G w my iPhone 4 hotspot when I need.

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    8. andytvcams
      The only way Apple will get away with bringing out yet another ipad in March is if it is a totally different design. In the USA they have just done a survey of X number of die hard Apple fans and much to everybody's surprise 43% were not happy with the idea of Apple releasing a ipad every six months. and should they launch one that is not a great deal of difference than the last two then i think it will just kill off the dominance of the market. three ipads in twelve months is just taking the p**s. Their was and still is a lot of ipad 3 owners that are still unhappy about the ipad 4 and that was after seven months can you imagine the uproar that will happen for those who have just got the ipad 4 then three months later Apple come along with a ipad 5?.
    9. tlbaker
      Well, I can't buy a new one after 4 months lol. Where did I get this info? I would ha ve taken the survey.

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    10. tlbaker
      Meant to say where did YOU get this info. Ugghhh.

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