iPad 5 to be thinner and lighter, could have iPad mini design specs

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 25, 2012.

By RaduTyrsina on Dec 25, 2012 at 3:31 AM
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    Apple just launched two months ago the iPad mini and the full sized iPad 4, but that doesn’t mean that rumors prophesying the birth of the fifth generation tablet haven’t started yet. According to a new bundle that just emerged, the iPad 5 is headed for an early 2013 launch, despite its predecessor being so freshly squeezed. Macotakara was the website who revealed the information citing the usual bunch of shady insider sources that seem to claim Apple has scheduled the unveiling of the next generation iPad in March.

    They also added some interesting details about how the new device is going to look like. Apparently, it will feature a lighter and thinner frame and will borrow some details from the iPad Mini design. The sources were very specific concerning the dimensions of the upcoming tablet. Apparently, it is going to have 4mm in height, 17 mm in width and 2mm in depth.
    Here’s some of the original report courtesy of Google Translate:

    ““Chinese CBSi ZOL is, the report of AppleInsider, but not touching only iPad mini next, according to informed sources, and seems to have a plan announced in March 2013 (5th generation) iPad otherwise tells. In order to counter the Nexus 7 and Surface, it seems there is a possibility that the product release cycle faster.â€

    Macotakara has made a lot of accurate predictions so far concerning Apple. Plus, we have to consider the fact that Apple usually unleashes its tablets in spring. Also, back in November, DigiTimes reported that a new iPad might be released somewhere in the middle of 2013. Could these rumors actually be true?

    Source: 9to5Mac


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by RaduTyrsina, Dec 25, 2012.

    1. AQ_OC
      I could not agree more, as long as funds permit. Additional memory adds flexibility which is enabling.
    2. tlbaker
      I will use it depending on what I am doing and the location of the public wifi. Definitely no banking browsing or transactions on any public wifi. Verizon has only had the iPhone since early 2011 and later on the iPad. Unlimited data has since been killed off and is only grandfathered on my iPhone. Unlimited data would have been sweet on my iPad. I tether w my iPhone when I need data and not at home on wifiI.

      via paid tethering plan, also can use it on other devices.

      Sent from my WiFi Black 64GB iPad with Retina Display in NYC using iPF
    3. sally190
      I have an ipad2 16gb. I have bought an ipad4 64 gb because I ran out of room , mainly with music. Yes the ipad4 is a little faster and a little clearer;the camera is much better. But , if I hadn't wanted more storage, I would be happy with the ipad2 .
    4. FlavioSousa
      The iPad is wonderful and we all love it but shouldn't they be focusing their energies and resources in new products?

      Anyway, I hope #5 is a success. Longer lasting batteries and more versatility (maybe a USB port?) would be nice.
    5. scifan57
      Whatever features Apple decides to add to the next iPad, it's unlikely that a USB port will be among them.
    6. MILJAN
      That rumor about teaner iPad for my experience means heating problem, unless they will make cpu in 22 nm process

      Sent from my iPad 4
    7. epb
      I use wi-fi at home, but when visiting family or at work I use 4G. Since my cell phone is just this side of a bag phone (despite being fairly young, I've got this crazy idea that phones are for making calls), so I've got just the 4G plan on the iPad. Actually, I considered it important enough that I had 4G before Apple offered it - my previous iPad, I used a 4G mi-fi device.

      I'm going to call forum bias on that one - enthusiasts are more prone to owning the top models, but they're a small portion of the market overall. According to acquaintances at both Apple stores close to me, the 16GB and 32GB wi-fi models are the first to go, with 64GB models usually selling to people desperate to get an iPad once the smaller models are sold out. I asked because the last two times I've bought my 64GB models, they've been surprised someone wanted one. And people I've spoken to that try to sell on 64GB models seem to have trouble getting good prices - people point out they can get a 16GB for less, like the extra space means little to them.

      If I'm honest, I could get by with less - I just prefer to have my data available regadless of conditions, rather than relying on clouds and such. Even with a 128GB model, I'd still bring my AirStash and SD cards along.
    8. Kaykaykay
      Why do you think they can't be working on new products, too? The company has billions at its disposal. Surely they can figure out how to work on a variety of products at the same time. It's not like it's a handful of guys working in a garage,
    9. Kaykaykay
      The forum bias is entirely possible, but that doesn't explain away the original sales numbers running high on 16 and 64. I wouldn't go by anecdotal evidence for sales, either.

      Personally, I don't care which is popular; I just buy what fits my uses and pocketbook, and I'd expect that everyone else does, too.
    10. Kaykaykay
      No, I wouldn't expect a USB port from Apple. That's why I've got a Samsung Galaxy Tab on order.

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