iPad 5 Rumoured to Have “Mini-Like†Design

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 25, 2013.

By Maura on Jan 25, 2013 at 12:55 PM
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    iDownload Blog reports on a massive article by iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz today in which he talks at length about specs for the next iPad, which he says are based on his impressions of a “physical model†of the next iPad that he has actually seen. According to Horwitz, the iPad 5 has been totally re-designed, and will have minimal left and right bezels, and less space at the top and bottom as well. Horwitz describes the tablet as a “stretched iPad miniâ€, and says that it is “noticeably thinner†than the iPad 4, which is pretty thin indeed! Horwitz says that the re-design for the full-sized iPad means that Apple will have to use smaller parts and new display tech, so don’t expect a spectacular leap forward in terms of performance to match the new design. In fact, expect it to have very similar specs to the iPad 4. As far as a launch date is concerned, Horwitz likes October, rather than March. In terms of the accuracy of the report, as iDownload Blog notes, Horwitz is a very credible source indeed, and was spot on with his reports on the iPhone 5 before it was released last year.

    [FONT=&quot]Source: [/FONT]Rumor: iPad 5 to feature mini-like design, iPhone 5S to look similar to current model
    On Apple?s iPad 5, iPhone 5S, and Plastic iPhone | iLounge Backstage


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 25, 2013.

    1. quadtronix
      Thanks for this link... I plan to read the article later today as it sounds very interesting! Rumors of an iPad 5 looking a lot like the mini have been floating around for a while now, as I'm sure you are aware, but they were based on manufacturing companies leaks and not an actual hands on with a mock up... If all this turns out to be true, I will be wanting one of these when it comes out! :) I have the 2 and the mini but prefer the mini. Sounds like this new design will be the best of both worlds...
    2. quadtronix
      Just read the two articles and was disappointed about the October date instead of March but the rest sounds good! Was also disappointed about the Math not coming in 2013 but it's all good... I am looking forward to the Math/iPhone + or whatever they wind up calling it. I hope they decide to release it! The design of the iPad 5 sounds pretty sweet though! Might have to pick one up when they release it... Hope it has that rumored A7 chip too... :)
    3. Asharp
      October would be a disappointment.
    4. A.K
      Does that mean a bigger screen than 9.7 in the current big iPad ?
    5. s2mikey
      Yeah, that's what I'd like to know. I hope they don't discontinue the full size iPad, that'd be devastating to me. :(
    6. AdmiralAdama
      If the redesign is in fact as radical as what's being reported, it sounds like the dimensions of the full size iPad will shrink. It will be necessary to narrow the bezel to maintain the current screen size.


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    7. Asharp
      If it's bigger, I'll get the iPad 4. I don't need a bigger device to carry around.
    8. epb
      Looks like they're shooting for a narrower bezel on the vertical/portrait sides, so it will be a smaller device while have the same size display. I'll concede I mostly use mine in landscape mode unless I'm reading, so this wouldn't be an issue for me. While reading, I just need enough room to hold it while I swipe for page changes.
    9. s2mikey
      Yeah, I just worry that the bezel will get too small like it is on the mini. I personally don't care for that! Keep the decent bezel, please!

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