New Video Shows Supposed iPad 5 Front Panel With Space for Touch ID Home Button

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Oct 3, 2013.

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    While Apple has yet to confirm the existence of the iPad 5, let alone whether or not it will have an iPhone 5s-style Touch ID home button, iDownload Blog reports today that a new video posted on YouTube channel UnboxTherapy appears to confirm the latter. This follows on from other recent rumours that have indicated that the second-gen iPad mini will have a Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

    In the video, the presenter places on top of the iPad 4 what he says is (and what indeed looks like) a genuine front panel from the full-sized iPad 5, showing that the old iPad home button will not fit through the space for the home button in the new faceplate. The demonstrator then shows that, in contrast, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor from his iPhone 5s does indeed fit perfectly in the housing.

    It certainly looks convincing, but we won’t know anymore until Apple decides to officially launch its latest iPad range, which may well be happening sometime this month!

    Source: Video shows Touch ID Home button fits in alleged iPad 5 front
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    I would be surprised if apple didn't have the bells and whistles of the iPhone 5S on the next iPad- Bet there will be the newest chip and processor- Well, two more weeks to go for a supposed announcement- I wonder if IOS 7 will be pre- installed?

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