iPad 3G + Wifi Goes under the knife

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    The guys at iFixit.com continue their legacy of tearing down the latest and greatest gadgets and this time it's the iPad 3G + Wifi. This gives us a chance to see almost every component used in the tablet. Over all it's not that much different then the iPad Wifi. Here are a few of the details from the report:

    • The immediate visible difference is the inclusion of a black plastic RF window on top of the iPad for better antenna reception.
    • The black RF window significantly changes the opening procedure. You cannot start separating the display using the notches on the top (à la Wi-Fi version), since that will undoubtedly break the RF window. You have to start from the right side and gingerly proceed to the top and bottom of the iPad.
    • There are actually FIVE antennas in this iPad:
      • Two antennas handle the cell reception — one is in the RF window on top, the other attaches to the LCD frame.
      • A single GPS antenna is also housed in the RF window on top.
      • Just like the iPad Wi-Fi, there are two antennas that handle Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connectivity, one in the Apple logo and another to the left of the dock connector.
    • You heard that right, folks: Apple looks to be using the entire LCD frame as an antenna! * Who would’ve thought: Apple uses the same 3G baseband processor in both the iPhone 3GS and the iPad 3G.
    • The baseband processor in question is the Infineon 337S3754 PMB 8878 X-Gold IC. It was actually white-labeled on the production unit, but with enough sleuthing we were able to confirm its true identity.
    • The iPad 3G has a Broadcom BCM4750UBG Single-Chip AGPS Solution, whereas the iPhone 3GS uses an Infineon Hammerhead II package. Big win for Broadcom!
    • Apple did not change any major suppliers between manufacturing the pre-production unit they provided the FCC and their final production run.

    [Sources: BoyGeniusReport.com & iFixit.com]

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