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Discussion in 'iPad 3 Forum' started by jessie71481, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Nov 7, 2012
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    My name is Jess and i am a Professional Photographer. I am looking to Buy a IPAD 3. I am in need of knowing if i buy this can i buy the camera connection kit will i be able to take a picture with my Sony A380 camera and have it show up on my IPAD 3? The reason i am asking is because i want to be able to have an external screen for my clients to see there pictures after i take them rather than waiting to see them when i am done and upload them to my computer. An answer as soon as possible would be great cause i a m not buying this from a store my friend bought it and is selling it to me for 200 with a case. Want to know if this would be a good thing to buy for me business. Not only for the external view of the pictures but for the business in all.:)
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    Aug 30, 2010
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    It "should" work. Everyone's set-up is different, but if your camera has an SD card, again, it should work fine with the iPad3.

    If there is nothing wrong with that iPad 3, that's a good deal. Good enough that I offer this suggestion: Buy the camera connection kit (CCK) from an Apple Store and ask the seller if you can test to see if it works with your camera's SD card. If it does, you'll know right away. If it doesn't - well, you'll still know right away. :) But - you'll know (and you can take the CCK back if it doesn't work).


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