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    Hey guys. Hope you're are doing good. Newbie here. iPad Mini 4 user for a year almost. A few days ago bought me an iPad 9.7 2018 (6th gen, WiFi only) too. Noticed that it gets considerably hot in the region below where the A10 Processor is located (as depicted in the picture linked below for clarity) like when doing tasks such as casual browsing (Safari), Twitch streaming, Youtube, etc.

    Guess "considerably" here could be a relative term. I use all of my devices with no cover/cases. Haven't felt the same issue with the iPad Mini 4 even with its thin and small body. Also, have no clue whether it's a normal phenomenon with the current gen entry-level 9.7 iPads. Played some graphics intensive games to find out this abnormality in the region being hot. As expected it pumped up the temperature on the region of A10 processor. But I don't get it why there is a rise in temperature around the region of WiFi/Bluetooth module & Touchscreen controller during the usage of other apps. Does anybody have any idea of this? Any iPad users experiencing the same?

    Though I don't have a thermal image of the device to prove my point. I did reinforce my doubt with the help of people I shared the device with. I also have a few days left if in case I want to exchange the device. Again, if exchanging is the only way I don't know how will I be able to prove the issue to the guys in the store for a new device. Please help a sister in concern.

    iPad 2018 heating
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    Take it to the Apple store to be evaluated. They will let you know if it is normal or not. Also if you don’t have Apple care, consider getting it added to your device.
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    All Apple devices come with 90 days of free telephone technical support under the standard warranty. Apple Complimentary Support
    You could call them first to explain the problem and they'll either help you solve it or recommend a Genius Bar appointment. There are a series of links at the bottom of the page where you can choose the correct device. At the top of the support page, you can choose your region in order to get the correct support information.
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