iPad Mini 2 supplies improve over the holidays, say Taiwan makers

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    Ever since it was launched for consumers, the iPad Mini 2 has been plagued with supply constraints caused by the bottlenecks encountered by components makers for the iPad mini with Retina display. Finally, a new report from DigiTimes claims that the production issues have been solved, saying that Apple has ordered nearly 4 million iPad mini units with Retina for shipments in November, according to Taiwan makers.

    Max Wang and Joseph Tsai with DigiTimes say the following:

    According to DigiTimes’ sources,. Apple's orders for the iPad mini with Retina have already surpassed those for the first-generation iPad mini, which just confirms the huge popularity that the device is enjoying. In-store availability of the Retina iPad Mini models has recently improved quite a bit for Apple’s US retail stores so this shows the supply problem is apparently being taken care off.

    Source: DigiTimes

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