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    Hi all, need some iPad 2 info, figured this is the best place to ask :)

    Basically, the Laptop is old now and i don't want to spend on another one because it'll simply be overkill for my needs whatever one i buy, all i do really is browse the net, youtube and email, i don't even really watch films/listen to music on my Laptop, i don't believe its a good media device (Any Laptop)...

    I have access to a desktop whenever i need it so updates/downloads/etc/more serious work (lol) can be done from there.

    I have an iPhone 4 which is fine for light browsing but cannot replace my Laptop for it, but can the iPad? Is the browser a full Safari browser or is it similar to the iPhones?

    Also interested in iCloud which i think would make the iPhone and the iPad a great combo for my needs.

    Not worried about lack of space as such as i still have about 10GB of space on my iPhone after most of my music and again, a desktop.

    My main concern at the moment, is the browser, don't want to use Tapatalk from browsing forums, it needs to be fast and snappy etc...

    I'm not a big Apple fan (I just love the simplicity and engineering of the products) so i Jailbreak my devices to get the most out of them, i would like to Jailbreak the iPad 2, but i would also like to, if its not already, update to IOS5 which has been the most worthwhile firmware update in years...

    As i understand it, no firmware over 4.3.3 is currently available for Jailbreaking, any ideas how long its going to be before we see at least a tethered Jailbreak for IOS5?

    Thanks for any advice you can offer :)
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