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    Hi guys, i'm just wondering if any one can give me a little bit of advice. Ive fixed quite a few iPads, well really just replaced parts, screens, antenna etc etc. I would never dream of getting into Logic boards. But anyway i inherited an iPhone 2 16GB Wifi on iOS 7.x.x (most recent).

    There are a few things which aren't working

    Front Camera freezes when turned around from rear view and then just stays stuck

    Mic doesn't work at all

    Headphone socket only works in one ear at a very low poor quality.

    So coincidentally or not, all three of these items run off the same ribbon, if i'm not mistaken.

    So i opened it up without damaging the Digitizer or WiFi to investigate the audio ribbon and it would appear that the little locking clip on the logic board is missing.

    When i wiggled the audio ribbon the audio intermittently got better, but i couldn't hold the position long enough to test mic or camera, but i think it's fair to assume that there is a problem more closely connected to the ribbon.

    So my big question is this ... The little flip up plastic bit which locks the audio ribbon in place ... Does this make the connection or just prevent the cable from falling out ? I mean could the lack of the little plastic locking clip prevent the terminals from connecting properly ?

    Or is this more likely to be a bad ribbon, baring in mind that a wiggle drastically improves things intermittently.

    Sorry for my long boring explanation, hope someone more experienced can advise me


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