Headphones with Mic (in front of mouth)

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    I have been looking for a pair of headphones (or possibly earbuds, though I do find headphones more comfortable when using them at home) I could use with my iDevices that not only has a mic, but one of those kinds where the mic is on a rod that can be placed near your mouth. All the ones I see have the mic in the little volume control unit that is on one of the cords going to the buds. It seems you just let that dangle as it will rather than being right where you need it.

    Can anyone recommend something? I have tried ot search on Amazon, but all I can turn it are similar things for PC and have a usb plug. I could probably make that work though the camera connection kit on the iPad but I don't think that works on the iPhone.

    Also, on a related note, when using buds with the built in mic, is the internal mic on the iDevice disabled? It doesn't seem to be in my experience. If it is not disabled, then this causes two input sources and thus gives undesireable feedback and stuff. What's up with that? I'm hoping I'm wrong or that their is a setting to turn off the internal mic.


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