iPad 2 Experiencing Significant Errors, Please Help

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by iLoner, Jun 12, 2013.

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    Hello, I bought my iPad 2 in February running iOS 6.1, and I had several issues with Wi-Fi disconnecting frequently back then. Ever since the update to 6.1.2, this issue has not occurred again, not on 6.1.2 or 6.1.3 until this week. EVERY SINGLE TIME I attempt to watch a YouTube video, Wi-Fi disconnects, and this also occurs several times within a day on other apps too.

    Today, I have had a grand total of three Safari crashes and two YouTube crashes, along with persistent loading errors on the YouTube app.

    The most serious error occurred last night. I was checking my emails, and when I closed out of Mail with the five-finger multitasking gesture, the home screen froze for a second, and then, I was met with this:


    A completely black screen, apart from the Staus Bar, which had the battery percentage enabled even though I never use it.

    I held in the home and power button for ten seconds, causing it to reboot, which resolved the error.

    I have erased all content and settings and restored from an iCloud backup. I'd really, really rather not set up the device as a new iPad, as I have an important app which was recently pulled from the App Store, and I'd have to pay to get the duplicate app.

    Restoring via iTunes on the family PC wouldn't be convenient either, as my mother doesn't want iTunes installed, for some reason.

    The issues I'm experiencing certainly have not made the iPad unusable, far from it. Most of the time, everything still works smoothly. I'm typing this post with it right now. However, the issues are occurring FAR more frequently than they ever have, and it is impairing my experience significantly.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can resolve the issues?
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    You won't have to pay for an app you bought again if you totally start from scratch. You'll be able to load it onto your iPad just like before. Using iTunes however will be required unless all of the music and stuff was backed up to the cloud. Not sure what to tell ya on that one. It might be worth a trip to an apple store to get some help with it. Did this start happening after installing and using a certain app?

    If you bought it in February then I assume that it's under warranty which is good. Unless you bought it used from a private owner.

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