iPad 2 basics Explained to load & Delete photos/ movie/Etc

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    ipad 2, How does 2011 model work? The basics.

    How to put on photos.

    Copy the ones you want to put on and place them in the folder named i pad on the desktop.
    (This is set as the photo share folder.)

    When you plug the i pad in to the u.s.b. on your P.C, the photos will upload ( synchronize is the word they use.)

    This is how you delete them from the i pod.

    Drag the photos to the rubbish bin and the synchronize will remove them next time you plug in the U.S.B.

    You can not delete photos from the I pad that you placed there from the computer without re-connecting and synchronizing to a computer with i tunes application.

    Using the I pad delete option at top right of photo or video.(in Photos App.)
    You can only delete video or photos taken from the i pad by the i pad camera.

    Deleting videos in (Videos App.) on your iPad.
    Open the Videos App. on iPad and see the video / film you wish to delete.Hold one finger on the icon 5 seconds until a frame surounds it with a X in the top corner of the icon. tap the "X" & the film is DELETED. Remember to remove it (or un-tic ) from the itunes movies on your PC otherwise it will replace it again when you synchronize next.

    From your computer.
    Video is dragged to the i tunes folder and it is automatically saved in movies folder.
    (ATTENTION)-ONLY Mpeg-4 format works. No .avi extension type movie files worked with me.

    Changing your movies to Mpeg-4 from what ever format (Like motion jpeg= .avi) reduces size of the file (Good quality) with a FREE converter App. called Prism Free download from the web. Easy to use with options like rotating the film of placing Text above a clip or brightening/darkening a dull/ bright exposure movie etc. + more. (Totally free)

    To delete movies. (From your PC on i Tunes App.)
    Open the Movies on the grey bar on the left of I tunes then drag the movies to the bin. (or un-tic the box for include)
    Next time you connect I pad to i tunes on your computer it will update your change.

    You cant download applications (Free or buy) unless you have a apple store account & they have all your details.

    Apple have you in a closed box so you have to use or buy their software from apple store.
    Your other option is to Jailbreak your ipad so you download & run Googles program called Android.(This is freeware open source software) This means you are running a new operating system on your ipad & are no longer restricted to buy from apple store. All the free mobile android game apps. + more will then be usable by your ipad.
    Android download can load on the apple program as an icon so you can have the best of both worlds. (The process of how to do this, I don't know yet?)
    I hope this info gets you started. Cheers.
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    Hi there
    I was in the same situation a few hours ago, ie trying to manage photo files, then found the cure. Download photo manager pro app from the app store. It cost £1.49, and within minutes, I could label, move ,edit delete etc all my photos, whether they were from Itunes or not. It's cheap and it works, I promise.

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