Ipad 2 and Airport Express a1084

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    Feb 25, 2013
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    Newbe here question
    I read alot of posts about AE and Ipad
    I set up multible profiles on AE a1084
    I can axcess and change these profiles on my Computer and axcess them on the ipad after changing profiles on computer

    Is there any way to change into the profiles when only using the Ipad? (maybe some sort of reset of the AE a1084?
    or is ther a app that will allow me to do it (other than airport utility).
    I want to take the AE with me when i travel and have set up different setting on the AE profiles, they all work but i cant change between them with the ipad.

    I do have a android phone i will have also (if there is any other type of app that would allow me to change the profiles.

    Unless will the Airport Express swith itself?

    any help appreciated


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