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    With Apple's servers being completely hammered (as expected) on release date, there are sketchy download speeds as well as availability as the servers can only handle so much. If you can't seem to kickstart a download of iOS 7 through iTunes, or you're only seeing iTunes 11.0.5 available for download on the iTunes Download page, here are the direct links.

    Yes they lead to the exact same server as iTunes does when you download it through iTunes, but you'll can simply leave the download as is (even if it doesn't progress) and it'll eventually go through rather than having to constantly check up through and such.

    iTunes 11.1

    Windows 32bit:

    Windows 64bit:

    Mac OS X:

    iOS 7 IPSW Downloads

    iPad (4th Gen CDMA)

    iPad (4th Gen GSM)

    iPad (4th Gen WiFi Only)

    iPad Mini (CDMA)

    iPad Mini (GSM)

    iPad Mini (WiFi Only)

    iPad 3 Wi-Fi (3rd Gen)

    iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Data(GSM)

    iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Data(CDMA)

    iPad 2 Wi-Fi Only (Revision-A)

    iPad 2 Wi-Fi Only

    iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (GSM)

    iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G (CDMA)

    For those that want to retain their data currently on their iPad during the transition, simply open up iTunes, connect your device of choice, navigate to the Info page, and shift/command + click Update, and point it towards your iOS 7 IPSW.

    Note that even though this usually does not have issues, because the servers are bloated, you should make a backup always as the authentication/verification process can leave your device in limbo/loop and will require that you restore a fresh copy of iOS.
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