iOS 6 Promises Big Changes for iPad and iPhone

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 5, 2012.

By Maura on Jun 5, 2012 at 10:42 AM
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    BGR has an excellent round-up today that pulls together some of the key facts about iOS 6 that have been leaked so far, as well as some of their own predictions, with BGR stating that Apple will for sure be launching the new software at its WWDC next week. Among some of the main predictions by BGR is that the user interface theme will get a makeover, going from blue to silver, bringing it into line with the iPad’s user interface. Another prediction is that Apple will be launching a new Maps app, replacing the current Google-branded app with its own in-house Maps app, complete with jaw-dropping 3D option. Some features that we haven’t heard so much about until now, but which BGR’s Jonathan Geller is expecting, include automatic app updates, an iCloud keychain that syncs with iOS and Mac, and iCloud tabs. Facebook integration is another feature that is expected to be announced for the new iOS 6, which won’t be popular with everyone. Another recent rumour centers around Siri coming to iPad as part of iOS 6, as well as new Siri functions for the iPhone version, maybe even API access for third-party developers, BGR speculates. Already sounding like a pretty massive update, isn’t it?! Well, that’s not even all we can expect, according to BGR, who also mention 1080p AirPlay mirroring, live app icons, inter-app communication, and widgets in notification center. If we even get some of that, this update is going to make a lot of iPad, iPhone and iPod touch users very happy!

    Apple iOS 6: What to expect from Apple's new mobile OS at WWDC


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jun 5, 2012.

    1. AQ_OC
      Inter-app communication sounds really interesting....that would be very welcome by many, if it works.

      AirPlay mirroring will be limited by quality of connection, which is not always consistent within ones home. Going to 1080p will not help, but hey, bring it on too.

      It does sound like a potentially worthwhile update.
    2. portnoy
      Please include custom repeats for calendar entries, I am so tired of needed to go home and edit these on my Mac just to get "every third Thursday" entries.
    3. idave23
      So let's say someone (we won't mention any names;)) has so far avoided updating their iPad 2, for various reasons, since they bought it but have recently considered throwing caution to the wind and giving 5.1.1 a go. Should they just wait for iOS 6 or go ahead and do 5.1.1 first? It sounds like 6 will be out in a matter of days or a couple weeks? Is that right? So aside from the time factor, are there any technical-related reasons to do the other update before this new one?
    4. Jennatx
      Didn't the iPad 2 come with iOS 4.x? And there was a rather major upgrade to iOS 5, which offered quite a few significant changes over 4, one of which was you no longer need to connect your device to iTunes in order to do an OS upgrade. So... Why not bite the bullet and upgrade to the latest available iOS now and then more than likely you'll be good to go for a relatively easy upgrade to 6 when it becomes available.
    5. idave23
      Yes and yes to your first two questions. And they also came with quite a few problems for some and since we were happy with our iPads as they were and the upgrades didn't give us anything so earth-shattering that we just HAD to have it, we decided not to take the chance at the time. So now I'm deciding whether I want to go ahead and take the chance that I'll have to deal with lost apps/music or other pains in the neck that will need sorting out. What I'm wondering is if iOS 6 is coming out soon enough that I should just wait and deal with any possible headaches all at once if I decide to do that. Or are you saying that an upgrade to 5.1.1 now will make one to 6 easier later? Because if upgrading causes anywhere near the problems it has some in the past, I'd rather just go through it once if another one is just around the corner anyway.
    6. VictoriaCourt
      Not all updates will work for everyone. But let's wait and see how the said changes will affect the users. But it sounds great! I am also excited to have a feel of the upcoming changes. =)
      Does anyone know what apple is releasing SyncBurst?
    8. leelai
      Hi and welcome to the Forum!

      Sorry, I cannot answer your question.

      However please do not post your question multiple times on the Forum, as it fragments any info given as well as being against our Rules. Your other 2 posts have now been deleted.
    9. scifan57
      I believe SyncBurst is a windows product designed to operate in a similar manner to iCloud.I do not think that it will work with iOs devices.

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