Launch of Google Maps Leads to Massive iOS 6 Uptake

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    BGR writes today that the release of Google’s own Maps app has resulted in a massive rise in the uptake of iOS 6, presumably because people had been so against having to use Apple’s own in-house Maps app that they had avoided upgrading until now. The relevant figures have been provided by ad network MoPub, which used data from the 12,000 iOS apps that it supports, to reveal that iOS 6 adoption grew by 29% in the five days after Google Maps arrived in the App Store.

    Maybe it was for this reason that Apple was so quick to allow Google Maps into the App Store, despite the fact that Google had been worried about Apple approving an app that was not just a rival to its own in-house app, but also a constant reminder of the controversy surrounding the release of said app.

    [FONT=&amp]Source: [/FONT]Google Maps: iOS 6 adoption growth skyrockets thanks to Google Maps | BGR

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