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    Never planned on buying the ipad, but I won it at a convention this summer. I love it! My little granddaughter has loved playing with my "big ipod". I keep getting apps for her to play with when I see her next. I love the instant web access for my e-mails and work stuff in the morning. So many great apps to try and not enough room to store them all on the ipad! So I take them off as I need to and leave them on itunes.

    Hope to learn how to get some of my dvd's on the ipad. I've tried so many programs suggested but none seem to do the job on my pc.

    I love to read and go 4-wheeling here in Utah. The best place there is.
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    Welcome to the forum!

    You are indeed fortunate to get an iPad as a prize. But take care, don't catch the igottahaveitis bug that seems to happen the longer you own this thing! This iPad of mine was supposed to be for photography, reading music, and retrieving an occasional email. Now I have over five pages of applications!

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