Interval Trainer GO Hits the Ground Running

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    The iPhone version of Appnoose's interval training app has already garnered a lot of attention, being picked as an Apple Staff Favourite as well as being featured in the Financial Times and on ABC. The company has now released the iPad version of the app to the iPad App Store, for $5.99/£3.49.

    ITGO for iPad version 1.0.4 features the premium version of ITGO 1.4 for iPhone and iPod touch, with enhancements designed to take advantage of the iPad's higher resolution, bigger screen size and better speakers.

    Some of the app's main features include dual automated music playlists for fast and slow intervals in addition to voice, beep or custom prompts, and concentric dial timers that include separate interval timers as well as a session timer.

    Users start by choosing their session workout time, the fast interval duration and the slow/fast interval ratio. They can then switch over to the Sounds page to choose music from their iPod library for the separate Slow and Fast playlists.

    Appnoose says that according to recent research, exercising to music can increase your endurance by 15%, increase energy efficiency by 1-3% and lower the perception of effort, making exercise seem easier. This goes hand in hand with other recent research that says that interval training is many more times effective than steady state exercise because it challenges both the body's aerobic and anaerobic systems simultaneously. In other words, they think you should buy this app if you want to get fit!

    Source: Appnoose

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