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Discussion in 'iPad General Discussions' started by misstgirl51, Feb 1, 2020.

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    have a really old ipad it doesnt update anymore but still very functional the only issue I have is that when looking at an item on the internet, say a car for sale, and there is a 'read more' option and I click on this when the window with the info pops up I can see the cross in the corner to close this window but there is nothing else visible I have waited in case it is a slow loading process but still nothing. if it is that my ipad is so old then thats fine but if there is a solution I could try that would be great.
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    It may be that the “read more” button is a pop-up, powered by javascript, or Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash was very popular on a lot of car sites, and I’d assume some of them still have not updated their sites, even though Adobe has ended (or nearly so) support for it.

    If it’s Adobe Flash, there is nothing you can do, other than using a server based browser like Puffin. iOS does not support Flash.

    If it’s Javascript or a pop-up, make sure the on in Safari > Settlings. The pop-up blocker is usually on by default. Javascript is usually on by default. You may have to look under the advanced settings for it.

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