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    I have an mp4 file that I've transferred on to my iPad 1 on iOS5 using iTunes 10. When I first transfer the video, as always, it shows up in the Movie category and plays fine. If I change the info for the file on iTunes and make it a TV Show, it no longer shows up on my iPad. To immediately contradict myself, I had tried troubleshooting this by removing and adding the file, and one time it showed up as a TV Show but would only play for about 2 seconds and then the video would close back to the listing.

    I've tried putting in all the fields on the Info tab as well as on the Video tab. I've added artwork, not added artwork, left all the info blank. The one thing that works is if I leave the video as a movie, I can manipulate any other field on the Get Info window and the video will still play. So, for now I can at least play the file, but it will make it hard to manage my videos if I can't separate tv shows from movies.

    Anyone else seen this, and hopefully have a fix?

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