Transferring movies and slide shows from Mac to Ipad 2

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    May 18, 2011
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    I have a three year old IMac,2.4 GHz running OS 10.6.7. I frequently create slide shows using iPhoto, and videos using iMovie. I recently got an iPad 2, 32 Gbyte 3G for my birthday. I tried to find info on the Internet re: getting my home video and slide-shows onto the iPad. No luck, so I began exploring. I accidentally found that the slide-show I had sent to iDVD showed in iTunes so drug the icon to my tethered iPad icon. It played fine.
    I opened a movie in iMovie, went to share and selected iTunes, picked the iPad choice and waited about 15 minutes for the 20 minute video to show in iTunes. Drug the title to the tethered iPad icon, and then watched the result on my iPad.

    There are some very flaky solutions which jump to the top of every Google search to avoid like the plague.

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