I have two questions, about a Ad-Hoc network and file sharing.

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by brale76578, Nov 9, 2011.

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    I am taking a desktop class and the instructor wanted us to create an AD-Hoc network to connect two laptops and an Ipad 2 to a desktop which has a dual boot of Windows XP and Windows 7. I installed a wireless NIC card in the desktop. I tried following the instruction I found online, and I was able to get the laptops to connect to windows XP, but I was unable to get the Ipad 2 to connect to the network. I can easily make this happen in Windows 7 by using the software called "Virtual Network" and everything connects then, the laptops, the Ipad, and even my Iphone. Is there something I am missing, is it not possible in Windows XP to connect the Ipad to connect and if it can be done can you guide me. If it cant be done how can I possible prove it?

    The next question is the instructor wants us to setup file sharing between the laptops and desktop which is easy but he wants us do it with the Ipad 2 also, which the instructor said he doesn’t know if it possible. I found a piece of software that kind of accomplishes this task it’s called drop box. But I was wondering if there was another free app out there.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated…

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