I can tell Siri to play a particular (music) playlist but can I do it manually?

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    I guess it probably can't be exactly an I iPod?

    With iPod I play on a playlist, it plays it. But I long press on my iPad (mini) playlist it only shows the cross for deleting it. Interestingly with Siri, she understands what I want and does it accordingly; except the shuffling is not that random. The problem is, I am not used to talking to a machine or if I am somewhere I can't talk.

    Also it doesn't support On-the-Go playlist as iPod does, I guess? I found it quite useful with iPod to add an entire playlist to the On-the-Go playlist.

    I am not in a hurry to get an answer and tried to contact Apple support by email but I suppose they don't want to be bothered by emails.

    Also I tried to log in the Community, logged in with the correct id/password. It then asked me to choose a user id which I entered with a valid one. It then gave me an error saying that "An account utilizing this email address already exists. Only one account per email address is allowed on Apple Support Communities." Yah! that's me then why do they ask me for the user id again?

    Their glory has really passed? I still like their products, mini, iPod, even Touch, which I don't have. I do hope they come back around and keep it up. They really were the most gracious, if not the only, in the trade.

    -Frustrated by Apple
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    To play a play list, just tap on it so you see all the songs. Tap the play control at the top left to start playing. If you want to start as a specific song, tap that song first. If you want them played in random order, make sure the shuffle icon is dark gray.

    However, if you're already playing a song (even from a previous session), it will continue that song. To get around this you can either select in a song in the play list to start playing it, or tap the back button on the play controls until there is no song in the play view, then tap Play. The second is the best way to start shuffle, if it's turned on.

    Yes, it seems a bit awkward and very un-Apple like. It should be easier, more intuitive.

    I think they do it that way on the theory that you might want to browser playlists and songs without interrupting what you already started playing. But that's just a guess, and it doesn't really excuse the problem.

    On the iPhone there is a shuffle option at the top of the list, or you just tap the first song you want to play. Slightly better.
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