HTC 10 is the First Android Device to Natively Support Apple's Air Play

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    It looks like HTC is branching out a little from Android-land. The new HTC 10 has a strange new feature. It has the distinction of being the first Android device to feature native support for Apple's Air Play. This will allow folks to stream or share content to their Air Play enabled Apple devices with/from their HTC 10.

    Obviously there are third party apps in the Google Play Store that allow this, but this is the first time that an Android manufacturer has purposefully baked it into their device and advertised it. An HTC exec explained that "We are platform agnostic." The exec elaborated that HTC would even support Apple Pay or Samsung Pay if either manufacturer made it open and available.

    It's fascinating to see that HTC is open to collaboration outside of their brand and/or outside of Android. It actually makes sense. You could argue it is a wise move for a fairly desperate company to take this stance. Whether other companies will be more respective to further collaboration with HTC in the future remains to be seen.

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