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    Hello again guys. Happy holidays to everyone. I would to apologize if I sound rude or for any misunderstanding that I might right. English is not my first language.
    I have another question regarding uploading pictures to facebook. Since I got my iPad I was able from the beginning to upload them with no problems. I think the guy at apple store made all the settings and everything.
    Now, I downloaded the free photo shop express app to the iPad. The first picture that I uploaded I did it with no problem.
    The problem was when I tried to do it to my business facebook.
    I already found and change the settings on photo shop express so that every pic that I want to upload it goes to the business Facebook, the thing is that they will not go there, therefore I don't see them on my wall.
    Already checked my regular facebook and they are not either, witch is good because that mens that I made the correct changes on photo shop.

    I guess my question would be: does iPad uploads pics to business face books?

    Thanks everyone, and have a nice day.

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