How to maintain apps on ipad 2 after changing the notebook.

Discussion in 'iPad 2 Forum' started by am8030, Nov 6, 2012.

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    I have to change the PCM/laptop. This means all I have on iPad will be removed and I have to reinstall all apps. Is there a way I can avoid loosing the information.....I also have a few paid apps.
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    First, make sure the new notebook is running the latest version of iTunes.

    Go to Preferences, Devices tab in iTunes and turn off the automatic sync of devices. You can turn it back on later if you want. At this point you do not want sync happening until you are ready.

    Then, in iTunes on the computer go to the Store menu and authorize the computer using the Apple ID you use on the iPad. You'll also want to go back to the previous computer and deauthorize, if possible.

    Connect your iPad to the computer. In iTunes cancel the dialog about erasing content. Under the Devices list to the left, right click and choose Transfer Purchases.

    This should copy all your iStore content from the iPad to the notebook, and in the process convince the notebook that your iPad does not need to be erased. Depending on how much stuff is on the iPad this can take quite a while, so prepare to wait accordingly.

    After the Transfer is done, go through all your sync settings and make sure they are correct. Pay close attention to the Applications and make sure everything you use is checked. If you don't, the next sync will remove those apps, with a likely lose of data, documents, or game progress.

    Only after you are certain all you're iStore content got transferred and the sync settings are correct, Sync.
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