How do you find the battery life of the Air 2

Discussion in 'iPad Air 2 Forum' started by Brian 244, Jan 21, 2015.

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    Looking for feedback from other iPad Air 2 owners on their Battery Life. Recently upgraded from the iPad 2 , which would give me 2-3 days of moderate to heavy use before needing a charge. With the Air 2 I'm getting 1.5 to 2.5 days before charge time.

    I know that the battery is smaller in the Air 2 but Apple did boast the same usage times as previous generations. How has your experience been?
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    Having bought the Air2, upgrading from my quite trouble-free IPad3 (which incidentally my wife was coveting after her friend got one, and is now thoroughly enjoying the iPad3:)) I see very little difference in battery life between the two, if any. (Both on iOS 8.1.2)
    Obviously, in a comparison, parameters like brightness, whether a game is being played or apps used, comparative usage times and even temperature etc will play a part. But I feel there is little difference in battery life between the two. So I reckon Apple's statement to be fair enough.
    But I'm going on "feel" only and have not carried out any strict measurements.
    Regards, Andrew

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    I'll have to agree w/ Andrew - have owned the iPad Air 2 for about 6 weeks (replaced an old iPad 2) - I've not noticed any 'major' changes in battery usage but my impressions are so subjective. If you really want to know, then some 'testing' would be needed, e.g. comparing the Air w/ an older iPad would require both being set similarly (i.e. Wi-Fi, BT, Fetch times, etc.) and then different apps tested the same, whether reading, music, gaming, video - have not 'googled' but maybe this has been done - don't know?

    Now, if one wants to know about available battery usage left for doing certain tasks on the iPad, there are plenty of 'battery apps' available - I have several on my iPad - below is a 'screen shot' after an overnight charge, so at 100% - as seen, there are BROAD time estimates depending on the activities being performed - plenty of time for music & reading, but much less so for video chatting & gaming. Dave :)

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