How can I get an iMovie project (not just the trailer) to my computer?

Discussion in 'iPad Help' started by Absolute Beginner, Oct 6, 2013.

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    Sorry to come back with what may be a basic question, but I had such help with the Io7 upgrade I'm hoping someone will know the answer to this.

    Having been given an iPad mini by my generous family my 9 year old grandson showed me how to use iMovie and left me with some homework - to make something from this summer's holiday snaps. Feeling like a rather ignorant dinosaur, I managed to work that out, and even used an iMovie trailer and put it at the front of the project. All plays fine. So far, so good, and as I've gone along I've been saving to both Camera Roll and iTunes from the iMovie front page.

    Just connected my iPad to my laptop (which is not a Mac, and works on Windows 7). Quite pleased when it asked if I wanted to import pics and videos, one option using Photos and the other using Windows. I clicked yes to the photo option,, and the project appeared in the Photo Gallery so I was rather chuffed with myself but pride comes before a fall... When I opened it to play it played beautifully, but it was only the 1min 05second trailer. Nothing else, the rest of the project wasn't there, although when you play it on the ipad mini it's the whole thing.

    I did search the FAQs before posting this, but the only one I found had advice involving saving to the Camera Roll. I tried following those steps but when I found the Camera Roll in the My Photos section on the iPad it had only saved the trailer, not the whole thing. On my laptop I can't find any trace of anything called Camera Roll at all.

    I've also tried opening iTunes on my laptop, connecting the iPad and seeing if I could do something that way. After all, I've done the 'Save to iTunes' bit regularly on the ipad, but doesn't seem to have done anything when I actually go into iTunes apart from again, they ask me if I want to import and then end up in the Photo Gallery on the laptop, but only the 1min 05second trailer - the rest of the project isn't there.

    The other option when I connect the ipad is to 'manage the device with Real Player' but by this time I realised I didn't have a clue what I was doing, and decided to stop before I did some real damage.

    Can anyone help? All I want to do is save the whole project to my laptop and then be able to see it on the larger screen and email it out.

    Thanks for reading anyway.

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