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    Video to iPad

    Generally, iMovie on iPad will work only with video shot with an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or the iPad itself. For a variety of reasons, I don't want to use either of those options. And, as its turned out, I've discovered a way to get video shot with another device --other than the iPhone, the iPod Touch, or the iPad itself -- to import into iPhoto on the iPad, such that it can be edited with iMovie on an untethered iPad.

    To do this, you need a device that shoot mp4/H264. *I am using a Sanyo --http://us.sanyo.com:80/Dual-Cameras/VPC-PD2BK-Full-HD-1080-Pocket-Movie-Dual-Camera-with-10MP-Digital-Photos-and-3X-Optical-Zoom. *After I've shot the video, I connect the camcorder to the iPad using the CCD. *iPhotos opens, and I choose what images/videos to download. *They open in iPhoto; the video will play, but at this point will not show up in iMovie.
    To get the video clip into iMovie, I email it to myself. *When it arrive, open it and from the drop down menu choose 'Save Video'. *You can see it go thru a quick conversion process -- at least I can see what appear to be a progress bar -- and it's done. Open iMovie, and the video clip now appears, ready for editing.

    Since the iPad clearly can do whatever 'conversion' is necessary, it would be nice to have that feature in iPhoto or iMovie on the iPad, or even to have an app that would do it, instead of having to go thru the process of emails the clips to yourself! :)

    Anyone have an idea how to do this without having to go around your elbow to get to your thumb, e.g., emailing the video clips and saving them to get them to show in iMovie? There must be a more direct way!

    Any ideas?



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