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Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by nelle, Nov 16, 2010.

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    Nov 16, 2010
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    i am in the process of designing a diary type at for university students

    it will have all the usual diary functions which i am fairly alright with making in this point in time. e.g calendar, to do lists etc

    but to make it more interesting i want to add a social element to it, i have been thinking about adding a function where students can
    • log into the diary/app
    • add comments about lectures under lecture headings
    so for example:

    student-a would start up the app, login, go to the lectures option, click a lecture heading and be able to add a comment, saying "i dont understand ......"

    student-b already logged in could view the lecture comments and post a comment suggesting a link where student-a could get more help.

    has anyone got any idea where i could start with finding out information on how to create this type of function in my app.:confused:

    any information with regards to what i explained above would be greatly appreciated:confused:

    also feel free to give me any other ideas on how i could make my existing diary app idea more sociable, maybe a sharing function.:confused:



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