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Discussion in 'iPad Development' started by NWR, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Currenlty I've got an iPad 2, I want to use it to collect data in the field.

    The main problem I have is I want to be able to produce reports after I have collected the information from using the iPad.

    I've purchased a number of form apps from the app store but they don't work as I need them to.

    I need the forms to be dynamic with functions that add more fields etc based on the info entered with an example being that if a question is answered yes then sub questions are displayed.

    Now I'd love just an app that would do this but I think there is more involved.

    From the apps I've seen they allow the user to collect the data out in the field but the data is stored in a remote database such as an SQLlite server.

    Can anyone advise where I start with all of this?

    My main aim is to collect data when out on site and then the report is complete without having to type the report up in my own time.


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