Help! Finding a PDF App for Image Forwarding

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by gellerlighting, Sep 16, 2011.

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    I am the graphic designer for a small lighting company, which means I'm also the go-to guy in the office for tech support. :) Our salesmen use iPads to store the vast array of catalogs available to the business, and this has worked out conveniently well, considering we've condensed hundreds upon hundreds of pounds worth of them into the device.

    I was asked to find a way to forward an image from a catalog page through email, without sending the entire catalog file (which wouldn't work anyway, given their file sizes). I imagine this would require an app that would let you isolate and save (presumably by a long press?) images from the file, but if it could interact with email right away that would be a huge benefit. The catalogs are saved as PDF files and opened through iBooks currently.

    ANY help that could be offered would be much appreciated, as I've already searched and experimented with the iPad for a while to no avail!


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    Huh. That's an interesting question. I like those kind! :D

    Here's what I tried. I have an app called PDF Converter for iPad ($3.99, USD). With it, you can convert PDF files to jpegs, PNGs or zip files. It's pretty neat, actually.

    How this helps you [maybe] is that you can set the app so that you can convert one page of the PDF to a jpeg. It'll save to the Photo app, but then you can go to the Photo app and e-mail the picture from there. Works pretty good...

    Now, I am sure there are PDF viewers out there that will let you save pictures. However, with the PDF catalog that I used, I could not save a photo if I used GoodReader, iBooks, iCab Mobile or iAnnotate. Maybe it was just me - or the file I used.

    So, that's what I did. I could make a jpeg out of one page of the PDF catalog. Maybe that's someplace to start?

    Good luck and sorry I wasn't of more help.


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