Google's 'Inbox by Gmail' App is Now Available Natively on the iPad

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    Google Inbox is a new email app by Google for Android, iOS, and Google's Chrome browser, which is currently available through invitations only. The app has been released at the end of last October and it seems that it is now available for iPad users, as well.

    As reported by the TechCrunch publication, the iPad version of the app has went live in the US App Store. However, it is not showing up as an update if you’ve already got it installed, but a fresh install of the app is said to bring a native iPad interface.

    It seems that the update has initially started with users from Germany and is now available in the United States, as well. However, Google hasn't announced this officially, at least not yet. Let's have a look at the main features of the app:

    So, if you are interested to give it a try, either on your iPhone or iPad, follow the link from below and download it. However, you will have to email to request an invite to have it working properly.

    Source: iTunes

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