Google Maps Gets Live Traffic Updates for Seven More Countries

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    The Verge reports that Google Maps is continuing to expand its live traffic conditions feature, having just added a further seven countries, namely Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Mexico, Peru, Romania and South Africa. Unfortunately though, only one region in each of the newly added countries will be getting the traffic layer, such as Mexico City or Greater Johannesburg in South Africa, for example. The Verge says that traffic coverage will also be expanded in 19 other countries that already have it including the UK, Germany, Japan and Taiwan. Of course for now, Google Maps is still the default maps app on your iOS device, but all that is set to change when iOS 6 is released in the fall, with Apple replacing it with its own Maps app. Those who have iOS 6-incompatible devices such as the original iPad will still be able to enjoy Google Maps as their default maps app, however, and The Verge notes that Google has said that it will soon be updating maps with new 3D features.

    Big thanks to Bosvaark for the heads up on this story.

    Source: Google Maps adds live traffic updates to seven countries, expands coverage elsewhere | The Verge
    Google Lat Long: Get traffic conditions in 7 new countries and updates in 19 existing ones.
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    Another good reason for not "upgrading" to iOS 6, which won't support Google Maps.

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