Get Ready for To-Fu, the Flexi Bean Curd Ninja Hero!

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    To-Fu: The Trials of Chi is a new iOS action-puzzler game from HotGen studios due for release on May 26. The game features a one-of-a-kind touchscreen mechanic that enables you to stretch and “ping†the courageous To-Fu through each of the 100 levels. The 100 trials feature an abundance of obstacles, such as crumbling blocks, conveyor belts, slippery glass and metal plates, as well as a host of treacherous booby traps such as circular saws, spikes, lasers, teleports, and rotating platforms. Each of the 100 trials also has a unique challenge, such as performing the “Ultimate Ping,†by flinging To-Fu towards the Fortune Kitty with just one ping.

    The game’s control system is simplicity itself, negating the need for onscreen buttons – all you have to do is grab To-Fu with your finger and drag him to stretch him and then release him to ping him forward. To-Fu will then stick to almost any surface.

    The player’s main objective in the game is simply to reach the mystical Fortune Kitty, but there’s also the optional challenge of collecting the game’s 300 emblems. Looks like a very addictive puzzle game, with an unusual vegan hero!

    Update: I got the chance to play To-Fu: The Trials of Chi today and it really is as addictive and fun as it looks. Definitely has that "one more go" factor.

    Source: HotGen
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