Rovio Reveals Amazing Alex Release Date and Teaser Trailer

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    Rovio has today released the official launch trailer for Angry Alex, its first game since Angry Birds (no pressure, then!), as well as announcing that the game will be arriving in the App Store on July 12. Although Rovio isn’t saying that much about the game ahead of release, it has revealed that the game’s star, Alex, is a whiz kid with a boundless imagination and a houseful of toys that he uses to create chain reactions in his everyday life to help him achieve results, such as clearing up his room or playing in the garden.

    Rovio says that the game will have 100 levels, as well as the ability to create and share your own levels using 35 different interactive objects. Although there are no pigs or birds featured in the game, and Alex look pretty happy and not at all angry, you can tell just by looking at the tiny snippets of gameplay in the trailer that Amazing Alex’s gameplay is based around solving physics puzzles, in much the same way that Angry Birds is.

    Source: Introducing Amazing Alex! - Rovio Entertainment Ltd
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