Gem Gifting Rules??

Discussion in 'DragonVale Forum' started by BonesDT, Oct 13, 2012.

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    Can someone please explain the intricacies of gifting gems to friends?

    First off, I've been playing this game for a while (lvl 34) and I've searched and can't find anything beyond the basics, but I still can't wrap my head around it.

    There's this so-called "24-hour" rule, but it doesn't seem to play out that simple in the real world. When I gift my 6 gems to 6 people ... 6 more gems are available for gifting in only a few hours; however, not to the same 6 friends, which are greyed out. I resist using the new 6 gems immediately thinking that if I use them, it will take ~48 hours until I can gift again to my consistent circle of 6 friends.

    So I wait. But it doesn't seem my greyed out 6 friends become available in 24 hours. This is made very clear as I gifted the same time I started a colosseum event - but long after my event is over the next day, my 6 friends were still greyed out. It even appears that they are sometimes greyed out for almost 48 hours. This makes me feel horrible as I don't want my friends to think I slacked-off that day.

    So is this "24-hour" rule assuming the receiver logs-in every day & accepts the gem? What if you gift a gem every day for a week to a friend who doesn't log-in for a week? Does he receive 7 gems as soon as he logs on again?

    What if you want to gift a friend, but 6 others have already gifted him that day? Does he appear greyed out to you or does the game allow you to gift to him, but it just gets wasted & he never knows of your gift?


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    I think the whole gem gifting is still a little glitchy. I have been able to--on more than one occasion--been able to gift 12 gems is a 24 hour period and still have gems to give out the next day.
    After, I think it's 3 or 4, gems are gifted to someone the pop up that alerts you will say ______, ______, , ______, ______, and others gave you a gem!

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